tisdag 9 juni 2015

The Help

The summer is upon us and what better way is there than to spend your days on the beach reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett? I tell you now, there is none! This book has not only entertained me greatly it has also taught me that with friendship and love you can conquer anything. 

The Help takes place in the small town of Jackson, Mississippi year 1962. A time and place where racism is not only felt but seen, displayed, and promoted through segregation, abuse, and exploitation of black women and men. We get to meet Miss Skeeter - a white woman frustrated and confused about the dissaperence of her beloved maid, Aibileen - a wonderfully sweet maid who takes care of the white women's babies but has lost her own son, and Minny - a sassy cook who always seems to get in trouble with the white ladies. Their fates are interwoven, through their common struggle against the injustice of society, when they decide to write a book where the black, female maids of Jackson tell the world what it is like to work for a white family. A book which does not only give a detailed account of the horrors behind racism, but also the strong, loving friendships formed under its reign, 

The Help has landed itself amongt my top five favourite books I have ever red. For a week I have been bewithched by Miss Skeeter's, Aibileen's, and Minny's stories. Stories which have, although fictional, made me cry, laugh, hope and believe! Kathryn Stockett has managed to show that there is hope of a better tomorrow and that even though it may seem farfetched we can still change today. 

Finally, I would like to advice you all to just read it! 

PS. the movie is also really good! DS. 

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